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What is Bookkeeping…?!

Bookkeeping is organising a businesses financial affairs into a specific format to report to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

In Hospitality it can get very complex, with more paperwork and moving parts than most other industries.


…And Why Do I Need It?!

There are fines and penalties for not submitting complete financial reports to the ATO on time but that is only the beginning.

A good bookkeeper, who you have a great relationship will make sure that every invoice and receipt is categorised and coded so you can claim the full GST refund.

They will also look at your business as a whole, highlighting the important numbers for you to make the right decisions.


Relax, we’ve got this.

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Need we mention any more scary acronyms?

We utilise POS systems, cloud systems and accounting softwares to take the stress out of your financial affairs, so when reporting due-dates roll around, you can relax poolside.

Here for you.


Using our Weekly Bookkeeping Service, you’ll have a team of bookkeepers dedicated taking care of your accounts.

One bookkeeper will be your primary point of contact, on hand for same day responses to questions, queries or concerns.

Know your numbers.


Weekly reporting is crucial to hospitality and it’s one of our biggest points of difference. We offer a ‘Weekly Bookkeeping Service’ at an affordable rate.

We’ll generate a custom suite of reports specifically for your business and send them directly to your inbox each week.