Managed Payroll


Keeping A Happy Team

Making sure employees salaries & wages are paid correctly & on time is really important for any business.

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A Hot Potato

A very hot topic which has never had so much scrutiny and media attention.

Thankfully, awareness of awards, penalties and entitlements by workers has never been greater. This means a new and more level playing field for the operators who have always paid their employees correctly.

Unfortunately, payroll for hospitality is a complex beast.

You have to select the correct award, choose classifications and apply loading and penalty rates. Then calculate the correct PAYG, super contributions and leave entitlements, it’s a potential minefield.


We are here to help

Our Managed Payroll service takes the weight off your shoulders.

Outsourcing your payroll gives you a welcome degree of separation from any issues with staff members you may work with day-to-day.

Your team will experience professional payroll, from their on-boarding to the day they finish. We can answer their questions while you rest assured that you are 100% compliant.

We work with Employsure to keep on-top of current workplace law. We thoroughly recommend their services for all HR management and Workplace Safety issues.