About Us


Not your average bookkeepers.

Your typical accountant may only have a few customers in hospitality and take time to learn your books and research. But if you’re learning, you’re not earning. Hospitality is our bread and butter.

Working with 120+ businesses within hospitality, we have the connections and valuable insights others don’t, so you’re tapping
into a bigger resource of knowledge. We’ll help guide your business and show you where you’re placed within industry benchmarks, to help you focus on what you do best.

We’ll also happily sample new beans, sandwiches and pastries...


Why we’re different.

We understand the challenges you face in the hospitality industry; long hours, small workspaces and tight margins. We also appreciate the love and care you put into your business.

We could use our knack for numbers for any industry, but we don’t. We don’t service bankers, butchers or candlestick makers. We only service hospitable hospitality folk. And because of this, we're particularly good at what we do.