Welcome to the Double Shot Hospitality Blog

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Welcome to our new blog from the team at Cafe Bookkeepers in Australia.

Short, strong and to-the-point, we will be writing on a wide range of industry topics. We want to share our unique perspective on the business of cafes, bars & restaurants.

We're aiming to give practical advice and opinionated commentary. We'll hear from business owners, managers while our bookkeeping team highlight success stories from their clients.

Many venues face the same issues but as an industry, we are not very good at talking about them! Even if two cafes were competitors, that would only be for getting people through the door, right?

It's not a competition for who gets the best price on waste disposal, takeaway cups or tomatoes! Likewise a tip for a reliable tradie or a solicitor that specialises in cafe leases for example.

We could talk all day about how we have seen the industry change, for better and worse. Sydney and Melbourne have always been different and continue have unique challenges. Brisbane and the Gold Coast are exploding and world class venues can now be found all over Australia.

Technology is disrupting almost every business, whilst a new generation is joining the workforce. These younger workers have different pressures and priorities but also bring fresh ideas.

Finally we want to show that understanding your financial numbers isn't as hard as it first seems. Most people we speak to don't open their venue for the admin! It's their passion for hospitality and love of serving .

It can be a great lifestyle, especially if you can reduce any stress around your cash flow and finances. And that's where we can help.

Our first topic, next week, will be all about tips and tipping.

Cash, sharing and entitlement, what could go wrong?! Discussing:

  • Tips are here to stay

  • The Contactless Revolution

  • POS - It's not a sale!

  • You break it, you pay!

  • Teams & Tronc

  • A Free Tip Splitting Calculator

  • Staff Tax Surprises

If there is any topic you would like us to cover, please drop us an email at hello@cafebookkeepers.com.au